Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture
'Reconstructed the Deconstructed' Old Historical Building as Café and Communal Space
Established in 2023, MUTU Loka existence has taken part by honoring the progression of Cilaki 33 in juxtaposing a narrative of obsolete among contemporary lifestyle. Due to the early 2020s pandemic, people started to acknowledge the presence of open space in communal space. The core of the history lies in the main building located at the front area, where once ‘Tiloejane’ was sculpted to mark the identity of Cilaki 33. The beauty of the original building remains unseen due to disarranged layers of additional buildings. Thus, the findings has led to a decision to demolish ineffective additional parts from the main existing building, restoring the original building while exposing deconstructed bricks as the narrative point of ‘Tiloejane’ story, as seen on the left side of the building with its slanted fort walls made of bricks; reconstructing the destructed. Industrial style denotes the appearance of steel dominancy, exposed materials, and exposed utilities as essential elements generate exposed and neatly arranged installations that functionally allow easier maintenance processes. To create a focal point, the ideas of deconstructed exposed brick arrangements were merged based upon user habits in Bandung - forming an ergonomic-angled curve to create a comfortable experience for users to lie down, relax and enjoy the weather during daytime and day night. Another different treatment was applied to the interior area of the main building. Exploration started by finding a complementary color to the domination of terracotta brick color. The result came up in amazon green color to enhance the vibrant color in the building facade, as well as dominated by the youth. In finding the best flooring treatment in the main building where the bar is located, existing vintage ceramic tiles were found, which turned out to be overwritten by new tiles. In order to preserve these rare materials, new ceramic tiles are dismantled to enhance the beauty of the rare vintage ceramic tiles.