Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture
Emular House
Embryo of Modular House

Architect: Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture

Location: Bandung

Year: 2020

Building / Lot Area : 80 / 150 sqm

Photographer: Azzahra Dartaman

Where efficiency of space and materials used are being concerned the most to achieve a sustainable approach, therefore, going back to the roots of thinking the space from materials module availability, remains significant. Emular House is a house that acts as an emulator for any house with modular panel in the future, as the embryo for modular living. Composed by multiplication and division of 1200 mm length found in many material modules from gypsum panel, plywood panel, and laminates sheets for instance, the house aims to reduce waste and improving construction efficiency for faster and more precision result, especially in the context of having the existing site in a narrow street where mobilization and demobilization of construction materials need to be achieved with the most efficient effort as possible.  

The most notable challenge was about maximizing the available modules while addressing the occupants’ basic needs and space requirements, also imagining how to reduce the stiffness in space as produced by modular modules into a warm, human-centered home with efficiency in mind. Therefore, the approach of turning half of the house into a void to extend the room visually and spatially for the occupants, as the play of spatial scale in the compact house remains essential. The house then was filled with wooden elements and white paint, with warm lightings that enrich the warmth and comfort of ones’ home offered.

Pragmatically, the house was given a setback to the house border, fully unattached to the neighbors’ houses, for fire prevention, maximizing the natural lighting, and supported passively by natural ventilation. Bathrooms were made aligned vertically to improve efficiency and hassle-free maintenance in the future. Wrapped in Bitumen roof cladding, the exterior provides an acoustic and thermal insulation, with thorough protection for heavy rainfall as found to happen frequently in tropical countries.