Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture
Marketing Gallery Gardens Sawangan
Representing Brand Image of Comfort and Luxury

Architect: Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture

Location: Sawangan, Depok

Year: 2020

Photography: Fadli Putra

Marketing gallery of Gardens Candi Sawangan at the largest mall in Sawangan, Depok. Representing a brand image of comfort and luxury with light wood tone, dark color, and gold material as an accent. Curved surface of wooden stripes combined with transparent material designed to maintain the privacy inside and give an emphasis on the entrance.
Main area of the marketing gallery designed with a dark tone in order to give a stance and focus on the presentation needed to be given. Surrounded with warm lighting and gold material, creating a luxurious vibe on the first sight. Irregular space of the existing is a challenge to create a dramatic scale that provides an impression as a main area of the marketing gallery.
In a contrast of the marketing gallery main area, seating area is designed with a warmer vibe to give comfort as we try to recreate the nuances of home, the fuse of whites and light tone wood with element of plants.