LOKO Cafe Bandung
Representing the Indonesian Railway Company in Contemporary Way
Aand Cabin
Live Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow with Better, Faster, Cheaper Prefabrication Technology
Albizzia House
Ancient Solutions for Future’s Hope, Reinventing Ancient Technology in a Contemporary Living
Stoy House
The House of Toys
McDonald’s Kings Bandung
Bringing Experience of the Future
Rucker Park
The Rise of Indonesian Coffee Space and Culture
Husnul Khatimah Mosque
Initiative Mosque Project for the Greater Good
Humanizing Design in the Human Era
Indonesia’s Fastest Growing Hotel Pods for Smart Traveler
A Responsible Solution to Urban Density in Indonesia
Aand Cabin Dago
Cabin Aand Backyaard Collective
Pixelated Papandayan
An Experiment of Modular Environment and Collaborative Culture