Aand Cabin Dago
Cabin Aand Backyaard Collective

Architect: Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture

Year: 2019 - Present

Location: All Over Indonesia

Contractor: ASEPDEV

Structure: PT. Kayu Lapis Indonesia

Solar Panel Supported by PT. Nusantara Eco Power

Roofing Supported by Bluescope Indonesia

Aand Cabin is an initiative project where we create a prototype of micro living here in Indonesia. We offer new living alternatives where the structure is made from prefabricated construction components, using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panel as the main structural component. Prefabricated construction is the answer that tackles the lack of conventional construction with standardization and efficiency in time and cost, along with lower energy emission. Our materials are also made of sustainable certified timber, which makes this project as our first low emission house project. Additionally, the modules will come in a kit that allow easy distribution across the nation, with basic panel module of 1200x2700 mm.